Meet the Squad

Joe Lundy, Owner / Drummer 2012 to Present ‘Leslie Ortiz Photography

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a child’s eyes light up when they first hold a pair of sticks, and it is the reason why I teach and perform. I believe in encouraging all members of the audience to participate in a fun experience. I have been drumming for the Kracker Jacks Drumline since 2012, and in 2014 I became owner of the drumline.

Jacob Lundy Bio Picture
Jacob Lundy ‘Juan Carlos’, Digital Marketer / Drummer 2009 to 2018

I believe in connecting with people through rudimental drumming. I have drummed for over a decade now, and I strive to pay close attention to detail so the ensemble can nail some great dynamics in the music. Above all, my favorite part of the Kracker Jacks is playing for people and seeing their faces light up. I joined the drumline in 2009.

Spike Bio Picture 2
Eric Wigham ‘Spike’, Drummer 2011 to Present

I have been drumming since I was in fourth grade and joined the Kracker Jacks Drumline in 2011. Everything from drumline to a punk band, music is a big part of my life. I also play guitar, bass, and write songs. Marching with the Kracker Jacks combines all my favorite things: drumming, entertaining, being outside, and acting goofy for the crowd!

T Bio Picture 1
Terran Kloos ‘T’, Drummer 2010 to Present

Besides making people smile and laugh, I love to show off how weird and fun the Kracker Jacks Drumline can be. I have been a part of the Drumline since 2010. I started drumming over a decade ago. Playing with this group never brings a dull moment, and the crowd feels the same way! 

Chanuda Bio Picture 3
Chanuda Herath ‘Nudes’, Drummer 2014 to Present

I fell in love with drumming when I started in 2011. Most people think that a snare drum can only make one sound, so I try to find new ways to showcase the instrument and entertain others. My favorite part of the Kracker Jacks is interacting with the crowd and seeing them laugh from one of our corny jokes. I joined the drumline in 2014.

Aidan Nyblom Bio Picture 2
Aidan Nyblom, Drummer 2014 to Present ‘Hoover Photography’

I grew up in St. Cloud paying music, and I started drumming in my high school jazz band. Members of the drumline recruited me as I was taking lessons at the Kracker Jacks Drum Shop. Playing for the Kracker Jacks Drumline has helped me pay for college and pushes me to learn new stuff. I joined the drumline in 2014.

Elly Backes Bio Picture 2
Miki Backes ‘Elly’, Drummer 2016 to Present

I have been playing drums for about four years now, and I love entertaining people with our goofy act. In addition to drumming, I also enjoy horseback riding, hunting, and basketball. This season will be my second with the Kracker Jacks Drumline. I joined the drumline in 2016.

Alex Bio Picture
Alex Stay, Drummer 2016 to Present

I have been drumming for nine years. I joined the Kracker Jacks in 2016 and I do not regret a minute of it. This family has definitely been an awesome one. On van rides to the events, we get to know each other better. At the events, we get to see the smiling and laughing faces of our fans, which is always the best part!

Mike Imholte Bio Picture
Michael Imholte, Drummer 2007 to 2010, 2017 to Present

I started playing with the Kracker Jacks Drumline back in 2007 and did so for three years before stepping away because of time commitments. After time away though, I missed the performance and entertaining in the streets. I am ecstatic to be back, and I am looking forward to doing it all over again. 

Kayden Bio Picture
Kayden Carlton, Drummer 2017 to Present

I am into sports – running, diving, and gymnastics. One of my first dreams was to become a street dancer, but my mom told me there was not a program in the area. I have played drums for three years now and recently discovered the Kracker Jacks. The drumline brings it all together – performing, drumming, and being athletic.

Lucas Geraci Bio Picture
Lucas Geraci, Drummer 2017 to Present

Drumming is a huge part of my life. Playing the drum set for multiple bands has been my main focus, but since marching with the Kracker Jacks in 2017, I know it’s what I’ll be doing every summer. If I didn’t have distractions like remodeling and paying bills, I would be drumming all the time.

Chris Hammond, Drummer 2018 to Present
2017 Red Wing Parade 19
Josef Wieber ‘Weebz’, Driver / Photographer 2016 to Present ‘Hoover Photography’
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