About the Drumline

Kracker Jacks Drumline is a drumming ensemble since 1983 built to perform and entertain. Our ensemble is designed for anyone to enjoy, as we invite our audience to be equal participants in our performance. We keep it fast, fun, and fresh. Crowds tell us time and time again how amazed they are by what we’re able to do with a few people and some simple snare drums – whether we play something they’ve never heard before or play to their favorite songs in a new and exciting way. Highlights include performances in the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in Manhattan, and the Greater Chicago Area for the 4th of July

Our Mission: We believe in entertaining you and others across the nation through our drumming

krackerjacks@outlook.com (320) 291-0822

Photo by Hoover PhotographyKracker Jacks Drumline Icon Logo - New