Who’s Behind the Kracker Jacks and Why?

Kracker Jacks Drumline graphic

Minnesota has a long history of comical drumming. Through talent, goofy acting, and outrageous outfits, the Kracker Jacks Drumline has connected with people across the nation through their music since 1983. As time changed, so has the company. In 2014, the drumline looked to new owner Joe Lundy to drive innovation in the company. Joe Lundy grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and started playing music when he was 10.

After picking up his first guitar, Joe knew he wanted to be a musician. At 15, the young musician grabbed a pair of sticks to work on personal rhythm. Drumming soon became a big part of the teenager’s life, and he sought out new opportunities.

In 2012, Joe joined the Kracker Jacks Drumline. Working with co-owners of the Kracker Jacks Drum Shop (permanently closed), Matt Janssen and Randy Hansen, Joe quickly refined his skills in rudimental drumming. In 2014, Matt and Randy asked Joe to take a leadership position.

Joe and Music Education

Joe believes in music education, so taking this role came naturally. In addition to the Kracker Jacks Drumline, Joe also works with the Jr. Jacks Drumline youth program. The group develops young drummers into professional entertainers.

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Joe Lundy playing with the Kracker Jacks Drumline