Drum Lessons

Want to brush up on your drumming skills or new to the instrument? Contact Jacob Lundy to set up your first lesson at the Kracker Jacks Drum Shop. Your first lesson is free



Drum Set: Learn about different styles of music, foot pedal technique, and how to apply rudiments to the kit

Hand Drumming: Learn how to play the Cajon and Djembe to be able to play acoustic sets and more with friends

Rudimental Drumming: Go in depth with your rudiments to prepare yourself for drumline and drum corps auditions

Kracker Jacks Drumline Prep: Learn everything you need to know to become a Kracker Jacker and make money doing what you love



Lessons are $25 for a half hour slot. 10 lessons paid in advance are $200

Jacob Lundy (320) 291-8845 jacobjuancarloslundy@hotmail.com

Photo by Hoover Photography
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